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DigestCare DETOX | Detox, Protection & Regeneration

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  • 🏆 BEST DETOX SUPPLEMENT FORMULA 2021: DETOX contains natural ingredients to effectively soothe and promote optimal health of your colon by cleansing, regenerating and draining toxins created by fecal buildup stored in colon quickly and provide you with proper function of your digestive system while you sleep. It enhances your REM sleep by decreasing digestive muscle tone and eliminating impurities and regenerates the walls for proper daily food absorption.
  • 🌿 DETOX CLEANSER, DIURETIC & NATURAL DRAINING: Promotes the expulsion of gases and the purification of toxins through urine. It reduces excess fluids and also helps with the purification and release of the body. Its purifying effect helps maintain a healthy, highly functional digestive system in sync with your needs and metabolism. Wake up every day, get rid of impurities and get the best out of your body with DigestCare DETOX.

  • 🛡️ PROTECTIVE EFFECT & 😴 PROMOTES REM SLEEP: Improves intestinal protective capacity, absorption of nutrients and lightens the toxic load on our body during the night giving us more energy when we wake up. Our digestive system is interconnected with the nervous system and by using DigestCare DETOX at night your body will enter REM sleep more consistently and prolonged creating a real renewing process without the need for supplements to achieve sleep.
  • 😴 NIGHT DETOX WITH 1 CAPSULE: DETOX is one of the world's first plant-based and natural regenerators. Thanks to the knowledge generated by 20 years of consultations on digestive problems, we have created a natural formula with digestive aids, wall regenerators and protection from negative substances inside the tract. A natural regenerator that promotes health and quality of sleep every night.
  • 👩‍⚕️ ONE-TO-ONE SUPPORT: Get support with our team directly from your mobile phone by scanning the QR code on the product. This service allows us to know the case of our customers and help them to get the best benefits as well as a customization of the way to take the supplement depending on their current situation regarding their constipation, causes and others. Scan QR and let us customize the supplement to you!


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