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Happy CBD

CBD Oil 6000mg 20% | Full Spectrum Entourage

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Enhanced Formula CBD Oil 6000mg Enriched with Full Spectrum Entourage Effect CERTIFIED - Advanced Posology by Scanning QR on Box

  • ✅ 6000MG CERTIFIED IN HIGH CONCENTRATION - This product is in high concentration with full spectrum dissolved in organic hemp oil and is rich in Omega-3-6-9 essential oils and vitamins. This product actually contains THC 0.2% for daily use (scan QR code to download advanced posology).
  • 🔥ENTOURAGE EFFECT (CONTAINS 0.2% THC CERTIFIED) - When it comes to Full spectrum expect Full Entourage Effect as this product contains legally approved 0.2% THC. Our oil is completely legal and THC 0.2% to ensure the highest possible safety for the customer. Our product is CPNP 3745129 registered (approved throughout Europe) and offers you all the benefits of hemp with entourage effect.
  • 🔢INCLUSIVE PERSONAL DOSAGE CALCULATOR & EXPERT - We are not all the same, we have different weights, products have different concentrations (10% - 20%), different volumes (10mL or 30mL) and different life routines so it's confusing to know how much to use. That's why we simplify it for you, write your weight, desired potency (low, moderate or high), the concentration of your product (4500mg) and the volume (30mL). Do you have doubts? Consult with the experts by email, Messenger or Instagram.
  • 👌INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED (SCAN THE QR CODE ON THE CASE) - Includes HappyDose service to consult and customize your dose, HappyCalc to know your personalized dose, HappyBook the complete guide on how to use the drops, HappyGroup which is our private support group and also HappyCode which is a discount code for all our members to always purchase all our products at discounted price and never ever pay retail price.
  • 🌱DROPS 100% PERFECT FOR VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS - HappyCBD products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. All our products are organic, environmentally friendly, fairly produced without animal ingredients and economically sustainable. Use the drops daily in the morning, afternoon or evening. Remember to scan the QR code to receive a personalized dose from our experts.
  • 💯 WE MAKE YOU A UNIQUE PROMISE - To make your purchase decision easier, we hope you have reviewed all our product documentation (report/guides), plus we make you an important promise: If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact us and return the product - Valid up to 10 days after purchase. To keep our promise, remember to scan the QR code to activate the service with the experts. Add to cart, what are you waiting for?